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While it is quite costly in terms of time and money to machine the meteorite, the greatest challenge we had to face during the development of the Streamline was arguably to find an exclusive movement featuring the complication we wanted : jumping hour, minutes, dragging seconds, all in line.
It would have been unthinkable for us that a precious metal such as meteorite could be powered by an ETA 2892, as it was proposed by many protagonists… Thus we tirelessly looked into the watchmaking galaxy, until we found the movement calibrated for the Streamline, on both counts of exclusiveness and dimensions, because we wanted the movement to take up the entire case, as in the vintage watches that fascinate us.

So, what about this caliber? We noted a few years ago that mid-size calibers between the 7750 (30mm) and the Unitas (36.6mm) were nowhere to be found on the market. That was before the DR01 caliber with jumping-hours : round caliber, measuring 33.3mm, or 14 ¾ lines, about 8mm thick with its discs. The frequency is 28800 bph (4hz), with a 120-hours power reserve, which is a working week without having to wind it up. We opted for a sober “octahedron” decoration and a “Ruttenium” treatment of the bridges to stick with the meteoritic theme.
Our jumping-hour system, developed by our partner, if of recent design. The jump sharply takes place without preliminary clutch of the hour-disc. There’s no perceptible shaking or oscillations. And above all, you can hear it jumping, which is an additional sound complication.